National Tartan Day | How to Celebrate Tartan Day?

National Tartan Day

Tartan Day was created to celebrate Scottish history and the achievements of people of Scottish descent around the world on 6th April. The same Day takes place on 1 July, in Australia. It is a chance, to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans to the United States. 

National Tartan day
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Therefore, this day is about celebrating all that is good about Scotland: its people, its history, its heritage, its culture and it’s legacy to the world. As a result, they wear traditional Scottish dress and march with their clans, associations, and some societies.

Tartan Day Parade

Similarly, Tartan Day is known for its parade with bagpipe bands and Highland dancing. Tartan Day Parade starts on 45th Street and moves up 6th Avenue to 55th Street. At the same time, Hundreds of bagpipers and drummers in bands from all over America join the parade. During the parade, thousands of participants march their way to show support along the route – so it can get a bit noisy! Such as, Drummers, highland dancers and Bagpipe players all join together to take part in the parade.

Thus, the free program includes pipers, drummers and highland dancers to showcase Scottish culture. Attendees of non-Scottish get a chance to experience the nation’s traditional music, drink, and tasty food. Hence, there are a lot of dancing on Tartan Day and over the years it has been expanded into a week-long program of events.

"Tilt your Kilt as Tartan Day returns for celebrations"​

What to wear on Tartan Day?

Many people question what they should wear on Tartan Day? Those who celebrate might wear Highland Dress like there are few important items:


A Kilt is a type of skirt worn by Scottish men although women also wear it for Highland Dancing. It’s a cultural dress which is worn to signify tradition, nationality, heritage, and pride.


Scottish Sporran

A Sporran is a key feature of traditional Highland Dress it’s a Gaelic word which means “purse.” The sporran is normally worn on the front of the kilt, hang by light chains or narrow leather belts to keep your personal belongings such as money, food or mobile.

To conclude, Although Tartan Day was originally created to celebrate Scottish history, there is no reason that non-scotish cannot join in the fun. Whether it’s a Tartan Scarves, Tartan Skirt or even a kilt, always show your love for the fabric that never goes out of fashion this Tartan Day by combining it into your Kilt Outfits.

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