Argyle Jackets Guide: Styles, Selection, and Fashion Tips

Argyle jackets originate from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in Scotland, gaining prominence in the 17th century. Initially part of traditional Scottish attire, the argyle pattern became a wider fashion trend in the 20th century, especially in leisure and sportswear, thanks to figures like the Duke of Windsor. These jackets, known for their distinct shorter length and gauntlet cuffs, are designed for both cultural significance and practicality, blending Scottish heritage with contemporary style.

II. What Are Argyle Jackets?

Argyle jackets are distinguished by their unique design elements that blend traditional Scottish attire with modern fashion. Key features include a front cutaway, specifically tailored to accommodate a kilt and sporran. They are notably shorter in length compared to standard jackets, enhancing mobility and complementing the kilt's style. Additionally, argyle jackets often have gauntlet cuffs - a wider, more decorative cuff style. These characteristics make argyle jackets a distinct and stylish choice, deeply rooted in Scottish tradition yet adaptable to contemporary fashion.

I. Argyle vs. Other Kilt Jackets

Argyle and Prince Charlie jackets are both staples in traditional Scottish attire, but they serve different purposes and suit different occasions due to their distinct styles, material, and functions.

Feature Argyle Jacket Prince Charlie Jacket
Style Straight cut, single-breasted, gauntlet cuffs, front cutaway. Short, tailored cut with tails, double-breasted, decorative buttons.
Material Various, including tweed and tartan. Typically made of barathea or similar fine fabrics.
Function Casual and practical for greater mobility and comfort. Formal and ceremonial with an elegant appearance.

Kilt Jackets In Various Styles

Kilt jackets come in various styles, each with its unique characteristics and occasions for wear. Here's a comparison with Argyle jackets:

Argyle Jackets: Versatile, single-breasted with a straight cut, featuring gauntlet cuffs and a front cutaway.

Argyle Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat Men Scottish Jacket
Argyle Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat Men Scottish Jacket
For a truly formal, traditional look at a wedding or ball, the Black Highland Drummer Doublet jacket is the best choice to pair with your tartan kilt. This classic design is patterned after traditional military doublets and is made from the finest of materials.
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Military Kilt Jackets: Characterized by a distinct military cut, often with decorative features like braiding and high collars.
100% Wool New Scottish Black Military Piper Drummer Doublet Tunic Jacket
100% Wool New Scottish Black Military Piper Drummer Doublet Tunic Jacket
100% High Quality Wool.Colour: Black.Scottish Thistle Round Button .Size: 34" To 54".Best Quality Doublet Pipe Band Jacket Production.Secure Packing.Custom Sizes are available up on request.
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Tweed Jackets: Casual and rugged, with a traditional look. Usually, they have a button front and flap pockets.
Argyll Tweed Kilt Jacket - Scottish Lovat Blue
Argyll Tweed Kilt Jacket - Scottish Lovat Blue
The Argyll Tweed Kilt Jacket in Scottish Lovat Blue combines tradition with elegance. Crafted from high-quality Lovat Blue tweed, it features a straight, single-breasted cut, gauntlet cuffs, and a tailored front cutaway for kilt accommodation.
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Argyle jackets, with their unique blend of tradition and contemporary style, offer a versatile and elegant addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're attending a formal event, a casual gathering, or simply looking to infuse a touch of Scottish heritage into your daily wear, an argyle jacket is a superb choice.

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