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FireFighter High Visibility Kilt ( Hi-vis kilt for Sale )



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FireFighter High Visibility Kilt ( Hi-vis kilt for Sale )


A leather kilt is perfect to be worn at camping outside.

Tartan kilt has become the fashion symbol of Scotland. If it is a wedding, you can rock your look by choosing a perfectly stitched doublet ad waist.

But what type of tartan can be worn at rescue work? Do you know hi-vis kilt is designed to honor the firefighters?

A kilt is a knee-length skirt-like garment that is worn by Scottish men?  Kilt Box are a highly recognizable form of dress throughout the world. They are a sacred symbol of honor and patriotism in Scotland. This highland dress is not only worn in Scotland but all over the world, including countries like Great Britain and the USA.

There are several types of kilts available out there. You have to choose one according to your preference or the occasion where you want to wear the Highland dress. It is not just a garment. As a matter of fact, it is worn by Scottish men as a significant element of the traditional national garb of Scotland.

Hi-vis kilt For Sale – A special gift for firefighters:
You might have heard about the utility kilts that are worn by men at work? Do you know firefighters' high visibility kilt is specially designed for firefighters and rescue workers?

Firefighters – They always get ready to sacrifice their lives every day for the protection of people no matter what country they are from. They are the real heroes who care for nothing but those who are in trouble. Firefighter high visibility kilts are a gift for firefighters and rescue workers.

Product description:
The firefighter kilt series is a new addition to our collection of amazing highland dresses. It is a utility kilt that has a reflector lining around it. Also, it features the reflector lining on the flap of the pocket. It is, indeed, a great choice for those who want to keep themselves cool on hard jobs. And what can be harder than working as a fireman?

It keeps you visible even in the dark, along with the comfort of cotton fabric. The reflectors shine in the dark and dim light, which looks stunning.

Guess what the best part is? You can also wear it for rugby, football and even for style as well. It features two stunning chrome hooks that can be used to hook the chrome chains. It is designed to be loose-fitting and quite comfortable so that the firemen and rescue workers can perform their duties without any difficulty.

Firefighter Kilt is made with 100% pure cotton cloth which makes it strong enough to use it daily. It features two cargo pockets on both sides where you can store all of your accessories during work. The pleats are sewn inside deep and are customizable as per customer needs. Check some of the best utility kilts at and place your order today.

Features of firefighter kilt:
Firefighter High Visibility Utility Kilt
Highly Comfortable
Two Large Flap Pockets
Wide belt loops on the rear of the hi-vis kilt
Reflectors that shine in the dark
Made from 100% Cotton cloth
Guaranteed 40 plus washed for best protection
Fight fighter kilt accessories:
Since the highland dress looks great only when you wear it with all the accessories. We at The Scottish Kilt Collection have made all the accessories available to be worn with a firefighter kilt. Let’s have a quick look at what accessories you can wear with a firefighter kilt:

FireFighter kilt pin:
It is jewelry that is usually worn to add weight to the open edge of the kilt from blowing open. Since firefighters and rescue workers have to wear their highland dress on hard duties, they need to secure the open edges. But make sure you don’t fix it through both layers to keep the kilt closed as it will restrict your movement. Check our website to get the perfect design of a kilt pin.

FireFighter kilt belt:
It is not mandatory to wear a belt with your highland dress. But the belts are a traditional part of the highland dress and are worn for decorative purposes. Firefighter belts have embodied the department name and logos on them, so firefighters have to wear them.

FireFighter kilt flashes:
Flashes are brightly colored strips of cotton or wool. They are hung down from the fold of the hose. The flashes must match the tartan you are wearing as they add a nice touch to the outfit.

FireFighter memorial kilt:
A tartan specifically designed to salute the firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who are ready to sacrifice their lives while saving the lives of others. Firefighter memorial tartan kilt features a red color that represents fire and fire trucks. The black color represents those who have sacrificed their lives on duty while protecting others.

FireFighter High Visibility Kilt ( Hi-vis kilt for Sale )

FireFighter High Visibility Kilt ( Hi-vis kilt for Sale )