Tartan Fabric

Tartan Fabric is associated with Scottish culture, which is a woven cloth made with pre-dyed threads to form alternating stripes in one of several patterns of plaid – The more stripes and colours used, the more blurred and soft the tartan pattern becomes.

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Each design signifies different Scottish Clans and can be seen in each clan’s Tartan Kilts.  It is mostly seen during the fall and winter months because it’s fabric is a simple, yet beautiful way to add color and visual interest to our decor, wardrobe, and more. The versatile fabric is perfect for sewing designs including quilting and appliqué.

Why Are There Different Weights for Tartan Fabrics?

  • The heavier fabric is the best kilting material to create Kilts, Bagpipes and other fashion items.
  • The medium-weight fabric is also used for kilting such as soft furnishings, curtains, cushions and covers.
  • The lightweight fabric is used for Tartan Skirts, Tartan Scarves, sashes and so on. 

Good quality tartan fabric is most commonly woven in pure new Acrylic wool. Unless you are making a fashion statement but no surprise that tartan fabric is in such high demand.

Tartan Fabric

Different Shades Of Tartan Fabric

Further, all these shades of colour in tartan can be altered to produce variations of the same tartan. These Tartan Pattern variations are termed:

  • Modern
  • Ancient
  • Muted

You can choose a variety of colours from our selection of tartan fabrics and can make:

Tartan has grown firmly in fashion and is quite popular nowadays. With literally hundreds of high-quality tartan prints and items to choose from. All are fully customizable and printed on demand with eco-friendly inks, I’m sure you will find a pattern you’ll love and make your favourite thing from that.

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